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About PetBathtub.com

We started PetBathtub.com to focus on providing a single location where pet lovers can come to gain the knowledge they need to properly home bathe and groom their pet family members. Read below to learn more about PetBathtub.com and our goals.
About PetBathtub.com Dog and Cat

The internet is full of advice regarding how to home bathe and groom our pet family members, but too often the provided advice is:

  • Hard to find
  • Scattered across multiple sites
  • Incomplete
  • Difficult to understand and follow
  • Not written to address the specific needs of home pet owners

Our goal is to eliminate the stress and aggravation associated finding, understanding and using the correct information need to properly home bathe and groom a pet family member. We seek to achieve our goal by providing pet lovers with:

  • Proper guidance associated with how to properly home bath and groom our pets.
  • Proper guidance regarding the best tools to use while bathing and grooming our pets.
  • Proper guidance on how to help our pets with maintaining a healthy lifestyle between bathing and grooming sessions.

To achieve our goal, we’ve assembled a team of pet experts with the experience and passion to provide pet bathing and grooming advice which is easy to find, timely, accurate and easy to understand. Our team of experts are committed to creating content that pet lovers can rely on to better understand their pets and the various aspects of how to maintain a clean and healthy pet through the proper use of pet bathing and grooming tools and technique.

Whether you are visiting our site to browse our useful home pet bathing and grooming resources and/or products, or to make a purchase, please feel free to contact us; at our email address below, with any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback. We always enjoy hearing from our customers and site visitors.


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Thank You,
The Pet Bathtub Team!